Unlimited Digital Video Recording (DVR) is available with our Classic and Premium plans. 

  • Classic, recordings are available for 3 months from the date of recording
  • Premium, recordings are available for 9 months from the date of recording

How to Record

To record, you will simply select the programming you'd like recorded and select: 

  • TV Shows: 
  • Record This Episode - Will record only the selected episode
  • Record All New and Repeat Episodes - Will record all episodes, starting with the one you have selected

How to Find/Sort Recordings

Any TV Shows or Movies you record can be found in My Stuff under Just Recorded. You can access recordings from the main menu 5 minutes after the live airing ends. 

*Once a recording has expired, it will automatically be removed from your recordings.

How to Stop Recording

To stop recording:
1. Select the program from the Guide 

2. Click “
Stop Recording” and select:

  • Stop Recording This Episode - Will not record the selected airing
  • Cancel Future Recordings - Will not record future episodes, existing recordings will be kept
  • Stop Recording & Delete All Episodes - Will not record future episodes and will delete all previous recordings

3. Click “Confirm

How to Delete a Recording

To delete a recording:

1. From My Stuff, select a program from the following sections:

- Continue Watching

- Just Recorded

- Recordings Expiring Soon

- Recorded Movies A-Z

- Favorite Movies

- Recorded Documentaries

- Recorded Reality TV

2. Click Delete Recording:

  • Delete This Episode - Will delete only this airing
  • Delete All Recorded Episodes - Will delete all recorded episodes of the series
  • Delete All & Cancel Future Recordings - Will delete and no longer record all episodes

3. Click “Confirm

If you do not have our Classic or Premium plan and would like to upgrade, you can go to FrndlyTV.com to learn how to upgrade your subscription!

If you need additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@frndlytv.com or chat with us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of the page.